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Pin-up Engagement Photo Ideas at Vintage Barbershop by Los Angeles Photographer Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder

We had a great time shooting this super cool Pin-Up Engagement photo shoot. It was shot at this vintage Barbershop Studio in Sana Ana for this gorgeous couple.  Ever since we did our first meeting and got to discuss their engagement concept , we knew that it would turn out fabulous! I mean how can you mess up an engagement shoot when the Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be are totally artistic themselves! They shared their story, how they met and how they’re both hair stylist with the idea to to shoot their engagement at a barbershop. Not just any barbershop, they wanted it to have a certain vintage look to compliment the pin-up style they desired for their engagement photos. They wanted to care of selecting the location since this was something personal for their vision.

The Groom-to-be found the perfect location for their Pin-up Engagement Photography Session. It was exactly what we all visualized, from the lobby area to the chair and entire barbershop. This was no traditional barbershop you see at a promenade but instead this was more like a barbershop studio designed to be photographed. Every spot in the barbershop was beautiful and inspired us.  The owner was extremely hospitable and gave us total freedom to shoot everywhere, we honestly felt at home. This is something that can take a great photo shoot to the next level and you can clearly see it in the photos below.

We originally came in with one main shot in mind. This shot was of the soon to be bride getting her legs shaved by her fiance on the vintage barber chair. After arriving at the location and taking a tour we totally created a story from the shoot. Below is this couple’s story. We shot a ready for magazine quality shoot in a journalistic style, displaying emotions with the colors.  As the couple got closer to each other or excited the colors on the photos change, creating a romantic love story with our color grading.  We hope you enjoy this beautiful Pin-Up Engagement Love Story at a Barbershop!

Pin-Up Engagement Love Story at a Barbershop Story by Photographer Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder