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Take a look at this gorgeous Classic Wedding at Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens, 220 Grand Tradition Way, Fallbrook, CA 92028.  Hopefully if you’re considering this picturesque location, our wedding photos will help you decide if it’s the right venue for you.  Our experience shooting at Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens is a great one.  Besides having  eighteen acres of beautiful gardens, a stunning lake and so many great photography spots, their staff is just amazing to work with.  This is a very popular wedding venue in San Diego and we can clearly see why it’s in such high demand.  If you’re considering this location for your wedding we advice to schedule a walk-through sooner than later. 

This spectacular day began by meeting the bride and bridesmaids at a beauty salon in San Diego.  We took some preparation photos as they got their hair and make up done.  Once we had enough photos we made our way to the venue to for more preparation photos and of course some establishing shots of the decor at the venue.  Shortly after the bride and her bridesmaids made their arrival.  Into their lovely bridal suite they went to get dressed for the ceremony.  The bridal suite at Grand Tradition Estates & Gardens has a gorgeous Victorian look to it, perfect for pictures.  Of course the bride especially requested to take some portraits by the window and we just love how they turned out.

Once the couple got fully dressed we escorted them for some first look photos by the stairway.  It’s always so sweet to see how the couple react on their first look.  Moments later it was time for the ceremony and a gorgeous one it was.  The bride looked breathtaking as she walked down the aisle, it almost seemed like she was glowing. Once the ceremony was over we took some portraits by the willow tree and lake as the background.  Then we made our way back to capture the exciting grand entrance.  The groom and his groomsmen entered doing an epic Labanese Zaffe (Zaffah) Wedding Grand Entrance.  Time just went by so fast and before you know it, this glorious day came to an end with a Sparkler Exit by the newly weds. 

Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens Photos by  Photographer Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder


Photography, Wedding Photography, Wedding Planning

Check out this gorgeous Dukes Malibu Wedding. Hopefully if you’re thinking about having a beach wedding or maybe you’re considering this location, it will help you decide. Our experience shooting at Dukes Malibu is a great one. Besides having such a great location with ocean views and blue skies, their staff is just amazing to work with. This is a very popular wedding venue so we do recommend booking with Dukes Malibu at least a year in advance to make sure you get your special date.

This particular wedding day was a memorable one, there was a 65% probability of rain at the beginning of the week but luckily it turned out a gorgeous day with clouds that would come and go. It was every wedding photographer’s dream come true. We got to take photos that looked romantic with the clouds giving us just enough shade and then as the sun would shine in giving us a new look for the photos.
This wedding was fun to plan and due to the couple’s busy schedule we ended up handling most of the wedding planning. We took care of the styling, flower arrangements, centerpieces, signs, and Chuppah decor. As much as we love to be trusted to handle all the decor and styling, we can’t help but to feel a bit nervous when the couple gets to see everything for the first time. But this is what we were born to do. Seeing the Bride and Groom’s smiles as they see their wedding set up for the first time is a feeling we can’t explain.

For this wedding Josh Ponder took care of all the preparation photos as Alex Diaz handled the full Day-of-Coordination and Styling along with the fabulous Cateraoke crew. Once all the decor was ready, Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder got back on their roles of capturing photos from all angles for every key moment. We love how the couple joined traditions and created a wedding for all to enjoy. Right after toast our in house Cateraoke Wedding DJ played an Irish Dance and then the very popular Jewish Hora Dance that got everyone on the dance floor. Later in the evening our photo booth was a total hit giving the guest another fun activity to do.

Dukes Malibu Wedding Photos by Photographer Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder | Wedding Planning & Styling by Alex Diaz









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Check out this Fun Engagement Photo Session we shot at some of the most Popular Los Angeles Engagement Locations this summer.   Hopefully it will inspire and give you some ideas for your own Save The Date or Engagement Photos in LA.  This couple was a blast to work with from the planning to the actual day.  The hardest part was narrowing down the locations, especially when Los Angeles has so many fabulous places to photograph. What made it effortless was the fact that they had a theme so it made it a bit easier to decide on what spots to choose.  Their theme was Old Hollywood couple on a date. If you’re considering any of these locations let our experience guide you though. 

We started the day by meeting at LACMA (Los Angeles Country Museum of Art) early morning with the goal to shoot in front of the Urban Light, the iconic landmark by Chris Burden.  Our Tip if you’re planning on shooting engagement photos at LACMA, come in early at least one our prior to opening but to play it safe two.  This will allow you to take photos at this amazing location without having your usual tourists in the background.  We showed up of course early and had no trouble finding street parking on the back side of the museum.  They also have their own parking lot but it’s only open during hours of operation. 

Our next location was The Grove, a very trendy outdoor mall with a classic looking movie theater.  The Grove is located only minutes away from LACMA so it was very convenient to drive there once we got the photos we wanted at the Urban Lights.  We arrived  as the mall had just opened,  this worked out perfect since there was not many people there yet.  Keep in mind that this very popular location can get very crowded so the later you show up, the less freedom you will have for your shoot.  Our Tip if you’re planning to shoot engagement photos at The Grove, call in advance and get permission to shoot here from their administration office one week in advance.  There was not a fee to shoot here for us but they do require for you to call and inform them of your situation.  Make sure you get the name of the person that helped you.  Shortly after we arrived a security guard approached us and asked if we had called in advice. Once we gave them the name of the person that helped us, he gave us the green light and our shoot was uninterrupted.

Our next stop and the most meaningful location was UCLA.  This gorgeous campus has many amazing areas all around the collage grounds.  Both being UCLA alumni made it very easy for us to just follow and let them show us where they wanted their engagement shoot to take place.  It was a beautiful day but because our shoot happened to be during graduation season we missed a couple of shots due to large crowds.  Our Tip if  you’re planning to shoot engagement photos at UCLA, avoid scheduling during graduation season.  Otherwise expect a large crowds and limited parking.  I also advice for you to read the sings carefully since they do have meter-maids at all hours and they will issue a ticket.

Our last stop for the evening was in DTLA at The Historic 1928 Art Deco Oviatt Building, 617 South Olive Street , downtown Los Angeles.  If you watched the movie Pretty Woman then you will be very familiar with this beautiful iconic building.  This is the location is now known as Cicada Restaurant. Even though the restaurant was closed we were able to take some fabulous photos outside.  We had fun with it by incorporating a vintage camera and having the couple pretend to take selfies with it. Our Tip if you’re planning to shoot engagement photos outside Cicada, in the Oviatt Building, or anywhere in DTLA is to shoot during the week or non-peak hours.  This way you can avoid crowds and not interrupt the restaurant.  If you would like to shoot inside any location in DTLA, make sure you call.  Most restaurants and bars are more than happy for you to take photos for non-commercial purposes, this is like free publicity for them.  There are still some locations may require a fee or simply not allow any photography, so it is best for your to call and confirm. 

Popular Los Angeles Engagement Location Photos by  Photographer Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder



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Pin-up Engagement Photo Ideas at Vintage Barbershop by Los Angeles Photographer Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder

We had a great time shooting this super cool Pin-Up Engagement photo shoot. It was shot at this vintage Barbershop Studio in Sana Ana for this gorgeous couple.  Ever since we did our first meeting and got to discuss their engagement concept , we knew that it would turn out fabulous! I mean how can you mess up an engagement shoot when the Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be are totally artistic themselves! They shared their story, how they met and how they’re both hair stylist with the idea to to shoot their engagement at a barbershop. Not just any barbershop, they wanted it to have a certain vintage look to compliment the pin-up style they desired for their engagement photos. They wanted to care of selecting the location since this was something personal for their vision.

The Groom-to-be found the perfect location for their Pin-up Engagement Photography Session. It was exactly what we all visualized, from the lobby area to the chair and entire barbershop. This was no traditional barbershop you see at a promenade but instead this was more like a barbershop studio designed to be photographed. Every spot in the barbershop was beautiful and inspired us.  The owner was extremely hospitable and gave us total freedom to shoot everywhere, we honestly felt at home. This is something that can take a great photo shoot to the next level and you can clearly see it in the photos below.

We originally came in with one main shot in mind. This shot was of the soon to be bride getting her legs shaved by her fiance on the vintage barber chair. After arriving at the location and taking a tour we totally created a story from the shoot. Below is this couple’s story. We shot a ready for magazine quality shoot in a journalistic style, displaying emotions with the colors.  As the couple got closer to each other or excited the colors on the photos change, creating a romantic love story with our color grading.  We hope you enjoy this beautiful Pin-Up Engagement Love Story at a Barbershop!

Pin-Up Engagement Love Story at a Barbershop Story by Photographer Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder