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Newborn Baby Photography, Photography
Newborn Baby Photo Ideas by Photographer Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder. I know we’ve mentioned how much we love our job before but now you can see why! We love how we become part of our clients family. We may start by shooting their Engagement Shoot, then we shoot their wedding. A year goes by when we get an email giving us the great news that they’re expecting their firstborn and would like us to shoot their Maternity Photos! Then the baby is born and we get asked to shoot their newborn photos! The fact is that it does not end here, after delivering the fabulous newborn photos we are already warned that they will be calling us for their baby’s 1st birthday. We also know that this will just be one of many other birthdays and many more celebrations. This is why we honestly love our job!

Now that we’ve mentioned again how much we love our job, take a look at these lovely Newborn Baby Photos from one of our favorite little family by Photographer Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder. We especially love this shoot because we totally delivered what was so important to the new parents. They wanted beautiful photos of their baby but did not want the common studio look. Event though they found so many pretty newborn photos on Pinterest, they thought it was too artificial for them. They wanted their photos to represent a real family and have that cozy-like feeling. What better place to shoot their newborn photos than at their actual home and the bed they all cuddle in!

What’s the best location for Newborn Baby Photos, STUDIO OR HOME?

Sure, shooting at a studio is much easier for the photographer since it usually means you have more room available and can set up your lights any way you would like but it does not provide the same comfort as shooting at the client’s home. For this Newborn Baby Photo Session we brought all our studio lights to our client’s home since their bedroom did not have much natural light and the day was sort of gloomy anyways. We personally think the client’s home is a much better location for Newborn Baby Photos. Everyone will be at their element and as the child gets older will be able to connect with the photo since it will be from his\her actual home.