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Check out this gorgeous Dukes Malibu Wedding. Hopefully if you’re thinking about having a beach wedding or maybe you’re considering this location, it will help you decide. Our experience shooting at Dukes Malibu is a great one. Besides having such a great location with ocean views and blue skies, their staff is just amazing to work with. This is a very popular wedding venue so we do recommend booking with Dukes Malibu at least a year in advance to make sure you get your special date.

This particular wedding day was a memorable one, there was a 65% probability of rain at the beginning of the week but luckily it turned out a gorgeous day with clouds that would come and go. It was every wedding photographer’s dream come true. We got to take photos that looked romantic with the clouds giving us just enough shade and then as the sun would shine in giving us a new look for the photos.
This wedding was fun to plan and due to the couple’s busy schedule we ended up handling most of the wedding planning. We took care of the styling, flower arrangements, centerpieces, signs, and Chuppah decor. As much as we love to be trusted to handle all the decor and styling, we can’t help but to feel a bit nervous when the couple gets to see everything for the first time. But this is what we were born to do. Seeing the Bride and Groom’s smiles as they see their wedding set up for the first time is a feeling we can’t explain.

For this wedding Josh Ponder took care of all the preparation photos as Alex Diaz handled the full Day-of-Coordination and Styling along with the fabulous Cateraoke crew. Once all the decor was ready, Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder got back on their roles of capturing photos from all angles for every key moment. We love how the couple joined traditions and created a wedding for all to enjoy. Right after toast our in house Cateraoke Wedding DJ played an Irish Dance and then the very popular Jewish Hora Dance that got everyone on the dance floor. Later in the evening our photo booth was a total hit giving the guest another fun activity to do.

Dukes Malibu Wedding Photos by Photographer Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder | Wedding Planning & Styling by Alex Diaz









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This Beautiful Beach Wedding took place at the lovely Malibu West Beach Club 30756. After a week of rainy days, it turned out to be the most perfect day to get married and it certainly made our job a breeze. Everyone was so happy to be at this gorgeous location in Southern California. Especially the Bride and Groom who were a bit worried to have a rainy wedding day.

We were able to capture these beautiful wedding day photos of their magical day. This lovely wedding venue is quaint and very private with direct access to the ocean. We enjoyed taking all the establishing decor shots and can agree that for some venues less is more. The prep photos came out great since the bride and bridesmaids had access to a large room with windows that allowed natural light in. The ceremony took place on the deck with blue skies and clear water as the background. Finally the reception took place indoors but everyone had access to the deck and got to enjoy the sound of the ocean and evening breeze. 

As a wedding photographer I will honestly say that Malibu is one of our most favorite wedding locations and we can’t wait to come back to this location again!  This is certainly a spot we suggest if you’re planning to have a small or mid size wedding.  The only thing that I can see as an issue is the very limited amount of parking space but who wants to drive to a wedding anyways! There’s always Lift or Uber for  you to take and this will allow you to enjoy the wedding even more without having to worry about parking.  Something else I’d like to add is that the staff here at Malibu West Beach Club are totally sweet and take care of their clients. 

Malibu West Beach Club Wedding by Photographer Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder