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Crossfit Engagement Photo Ideas by Photographer Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder

We have been looking forward to this CrossFit Engagement shoot since the day we got contacted by the bride to be. She told us her thoughts of shooting at their CrossFit Gym and we just fell in love the idea!  She told us how CrossFit was part of their lifestyle and how they wanted to incorporate into their engagement photos. They had plenty of fun photo ideas that they came across and collected on Pinterest. We certainly used them as inspiration to shoot their own CrossFit Engagement and now we can share with the world to hopefully inspire other couples to shoot their own!   
As photographers we love it when our clients have a certain concept they want to achieve for their engagement photos. We love it even more when they have photos to show us the type of shots they hope to capture. This makes the photo session much easier on our end and allows us to know exactly what type of set up we will need.  For this photo session we came prepared with our own studio lighting since the gym’s lights were not going to give us the look we desired. Once we had the lighting set up it took no time to get fabulous photos of the couple in love. 

A lot of people ask us if we get offended when our clients come to us with photo ideas from other photographers that they want to try to do for their engagement photos. The answer is not at all! There are a lot of fabulous photographers out there with great ideas and even if we shoot the same photo concept, our photos will be different. It will be a different location, lighting, and most importantly a different couple! Plus our style of photography is very unique, we love to capture out couples in their natural state, even when we are shooting a staged photo. For this particular photo shoot, we came in with about two staged photos that the couple wanted and as the photo session was happening, we ended up doing many other more natural shots of our own!  At the end of the day we shot a beautiful CrossFit Inspired Engagement Photo Session of a couple in love, having fun.
CrossFit Engagement Photo Session by Photographer Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder