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How to Plan the Perfect Secret Engagement Proposal?

Are you planning a secret engagement proposal? Let these vibrant and colorful engagement photos by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder inspire you to plan your version of the perfect secret engagement proposal. We had so much fun being part of this AMAZING surprise engagement proposal party that was put together by the groom-to-be himself! Of course with the help of a many others including friends and family but the end of the day the one that gets full credit is the Groom-to-be Chris for planning such a fabulous surprise for his Bride-to-be Lauren.

Both Chris and Lauren work in the film industry here in Hollywood, CA so his version of a the perfect engagement proposal had to do something with movies. He chose to re-create a scene from the iconic movie, Singing in the Rain to pop the question. He went all out as far as renting out a fabulous Studio with props, lights, event planner, makeup artist, videographers, photographers, food, drinks and even had their closest family members to fly in from all over to join in on the fun!

For us shooting this secret engagement proposal was so much fun. We or course were very familiar with the iconic film and felt very confidant on being able to emulate some shots with the available props. We arrived with an hour to spare to set up our lights and did a couple practice runs to make sure we would be perfect for the actual proposal. Everything turned out FABULOUS but please check out the photos to see for yourself.


1. Come up with theme. Be creative and unique, nothing is too much for this very important milestone. You can brainstorm a lot of fun ideas and then cut down or add as you wish.
2. Location, location, location! Select a location that either means something to the both of you or select a location that you are ready to make a very important landmark for the both of you for years to come.
3. Hire an event planner. Ask for help or hire out help. If you want to do something amazing you need a amazing people to help you make it happen. This all depends on what you plan to do but the best results happen when you do hire professionals.
4. Hire a Professional Photographer. You may have friends with phones or even cameras that may offer to photograph your proposal but you should only trust a professional to capture every moment and continue capturing the celebration that takes place after the proposal.
5. Enjoy every moment and share it on social media!

Secret Engagement Photos by Los Angeles Photographer Alex Diaz and Josh Ponder